meet me


Though people meet me for psychic readings, people receive so much more. I consider myself an intuitive channel and spiritual counselor. Add to that a spirit medium and animal communicator as well. Some just call me a psychic 🙂 Each day I pray and meditate asking for as clear and unobstructed information to come through as possible for the intended’s highest good. Unlike traditional channels I do not leave my body but stick around to enjoy the session with you. I learn a great deal myself through spirit’s teachings in our sessions of the Universal treasures-these psychic readings. Spirit reminds me daily that there is no you or I but that we are one, therefore the “my” becomes “our” and the “I” becomes “we” as it refers to the union of the information coming through. It is simply me recognizing and articulating what is available to all of us through an open heart. All information is available to us. There are no secrets, codes or rules in acquiring what is rightfully ours-for all of us and each of us are intuitive. It simply takes you being open to your heart-which is always open but often has blocks or walls surrounding it. My work is assisting you in opening those barriers. Our readings cover the possibility of the future, your past, messages from relatives or friends who have passed over, what lessons are in place or where someone in your life is emotionally or spiritually as it pertains to you. Basically any question you would ask we will answer.

The most important thing to remember is that we will receive lots of wonderful and exciting information on the possibilities and future of your current life if you choose to know this. What I am shown as an intuitive and told, is where your life is headed as it has been designed by you. Basically the main action you are requested to take is to walk through the doors that are opened to you. When people take action on the possibilities and are open to the changes they are requesting it is their responsibility to go forward. Life doesn’t happen to you. A non-action will only result in stasis or slow to non-movement. Second guessing our own intuitive nature can hinder our growth. I have been told over and over how accurate the information given was, when clients returned and acted upon their part. Being afraid to move forward to take those steps necessary for change will usually result in the same information given upon another reading. There are no wrong actions, even in non-action. It is all experience and it is all perfection.

Lewisa is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister, performing blessing ceremonies and weddings.