animal communication

Language is a relatively new concept in the age of this planet and human existence. It is believed to be about 4000 years old. Before this, we communicated psychically. Animals, trees, rocks and everything else on this planet communicates vibrationally and or psychically. Because humans think about 70,000 thoughts a day on average, we are constantly requesting our pet companions to do something through a verbal request, while we are focused on the many other items running through our mind. Our companion who is listening in on our thoughts, is not focused on the verbal request as much as they are our thoughts, will be completely confused. Animals get the bad rap of being “stupid” when it is actually a mis-communication. Learning to think what you desire with a focus is a progressive step toward having your animal companions better understand you.

The next step is being able to hear them. When animals have so called “behavioral issues”, again it is that they are trying to communicate something and you are not understanding. Sometimes they are quite literal. A cat may pee in the same spot where her litter box used to be to tell you she wants it moved back there. A dog may bark at other dogs while walking because you are worried he is going to do it and he reads this as something you are actually requesting him to do. This is where I come in. I can speak with your companion via a reading with you or a photo and express what they are requesting, what’s going on with their health, where they are if they are lost or if they are ill and wish to stay or crossover. I also speak with the ones who already have crossed over and wish to convey a message to you.

Pet companion readings are $40.00. To best serve you, please provide at least one photo which clearly shows both pet’s eyes.