I live in California and walked by Lewisa’s store front while visiting Asheville. I too went in with a little bit of skepticism and tried to keep my heart as open as possible. All I said was ‘Tell me about love.’ She saw into my past, present and future. What was holding me back from connecting with this man I truly felt was the one. She helped me to let go of some of the angst I was feeling just by sharing her insight into my life. Lewisa has an amazing gift and I walked away from the session with what felt like a month of therapy. I now do Skype sessions with Lewisa and it has been just as powerfully healing for me. I highly recommend Lewisa’s talents and gifts!

Jen J.

Lewisa was a constant source of comfort at a time when I felt really lost. My most meaningful relationship had just ended and it came as a shock to me. I also didn’t have a job and was struggling with a new self-employed career. She was kind and open-hearted. She is caring and devoted to helping each of us through her access to Source. She also is a great animal communicator and has helped me understand my dog, Mr. Beaujangles, better.

Jean-Pierre R.
Laguna Beach, CA

Lewisa is an exceptionally kind, compassionate, and loving friend with an incredible gift. I’ve had several readings with her and each time, she has been able to shine a light into the dark corners and help me to understand the real, deep, soul-level explanations behind difficult issues. I completely trust Lewisa and the insight and clarity she is able to provide–which has calmed my heart during painful storms. Despite her divine gift of being able to see into past lives, communicate with spirit guides, and our deceased loved ones, her demeanour is so very genuine and modest. I feel very fortunate to have found Lewisa and will always cherish my connection with her.

Feride V.
Goldsboro, NC

I came across Lewisa by providence during a major life transition. Her intuitive clarity helped me close a chapter in my life that was majorly overdue. I have honestly never received insight that has been as clear as what Lewisa told me. She has a remarkable talent for reaching the furthest corners of the heart and soul. Lewisa is the only intuitive I will see and whose advise I will continue to seek out throughout my life, as often as I can. She is a jewel.

Lyra H.
Weaverville, NC

My mother sought out Lewisa’s guidance in a time of immense struggle. She had been laid off from her job of almost twenty years and felt desperate for guidance and direction. Her comforting words gave my mother the reassurance and guidance she needed to start a new journey in her life. She inspired her to search for happiness and find the career path that would make her happy as well as provide income.

In this meeting my mother also expressed some concerns for me and the energy I had been feeling around me. Lewisa picked up on this immediately and not only accounted visions of my past life but insisted that my mother send me to her for help understanding what was happening to me. Out of the goodness of her heart, she took me under her wing, helped me understand who I was, and what was happening, and asked for nothing in return. She had been where I was, and knew where I was going. Her light, love and trust in the good in humanity was incredibly inspiring, and will always warm my heart. What I gave pails in comparison to what I received, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and the kindness she bestowed to me.

She is light, love, direction, guidance, generous, and kind,. She is one of the most enlightened people I have ever encountered. She is no fortune teller with a crystal ball, she will not sprinkle fairy dust on your head and enchant you with pipe dreams. She will look into the depths of your soul, open her heart and mind to your spirit guide, and allow them to speak through her. Delivering a special message that only your spirit guide would have you hear, and it will speak to your heart, your soul.

Stella S.
Asheville, NC

My friend and I went to Asheville to specifically see Lewisa because of the reviews that people had left on here. They were correct, it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot, she told me that I was going to start writing a travel blog – and the amazing thing was that I started doing this in April when I was in Louisiana. She explained a great deal about me which explained something that I had been dealing with my whole adult life.

If you are fortunate enough to get to see her, wait on her if you have to, but see her. She is totally worth the wait! I have a deeper understanding about myself now. And I hope to get to see her again before I move from South Carolina.

Sarah G.
Easley, SC

I went into my first reading with a certain amount of hesitancy and scepticism. Right away though, it became evident that this woman was in possession of a true gift. Not only that, she radiated an incredible soothing, gracious energy, that set any nerves I had going in to the reading at ease. What I gained from my first reading was not only accurate and on-point, but absolutely life-changing. I walked away from the reading with an incredibly-empowering sense of clarity and a feeling of encouragement for the road ahead.

Hannah C.
Asheville, NC

Throughout all of my encounters with Professional readers, none have offered the Clarity and Insight that I’ve received through working with Lewisa. Over the past couple of months I had been regularly visiting with Lewisa as a professional intuitive for guidance and Clarity on issues dear to my heart. Lewisa has been the only Intuitive in my long experience with professional readings who has offered me clear guidance that is so accurate, it still blows my mind at times to this day. Before considering seeing any other Intuitive, even professional counsellor for that matter…I would highly suggest scheduling a reading with Lewisa first, you may be surprised to see how a short time with Lewisa could positively change the course of your Life. I will Always remain connected to her, and continue to reach out for Guidance and Clarity as long as I walk this Earth. Love, Derrick

Derrick Quinn