twin flames

As a twin flame myself in this life I have been studying this subject for nearly forty years. I had always known that I had a specific partner that would be coming into my life-my soul’s other half. What I thought that meant was, that I would be meeting my other half who would love me unconditionally and we would begin our work together in this life, helping other twins through their process. What I didn’t know was that we were a long way off from this scenario and each of us had a great deal of work to do first. Having met my twin flame and working on this for the past nineteen years I now understand my life’s work is to work with other twin flames whether they are together or apart and how to deal with what comes up for you and between you. I guide twin flames to realizing their own work and understanding specifically where their twin stands emotionally, in thought, action and most importantly in their hearts.

Most of the people I work with are in the situation where their twin flame has sprinted from the intensity of reflection and energetic pull between them. However, twins will always be brought back together time and time again in order to give us the opportunity to reunite. What I can help you with is that truly difficult time in-between, when you are apart and how to make the most of it so that you both are more prepared when you do meet again. How to deal with the tearing of the heart when you are apart and cultivate the sense of knowing and feeling your spiritual connection on a daily basis, bringing each of you up to the higher frequencies of love- even when apart.

You are here, on this planet, together, for a purpose and no, you are not crazy! Yes, you absolutely can do this and you are not alone. We are all in this together. I am here to help.

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